Sunday, April 10, 2005


Not Necessarily Out

But definitely down.

Hubby lost his job today and we're in fairly serious debt.

Nothing amusing to report. Much dishcloth-knitting, double-shifting and e-Baying will commence.

Back tomorrow when I've bounced back a bit.

I'm so sorry to hear of the job loss. Good luck to you.
I'm sorry. Stupid economy. I'll send out some good thoughts for you two. :)
I'm sorry too. Good thoughts to you and mean thoughts to the fucktards who let him go.
* hugs * bunniesss.. Lets go out and shoot all men..!! yaay.. and then we'll get payed cuz then woman will rlue the world and and and so many things wil get fixed !! .. lol raves on..
Ugh, that blows - and mightily. Hope you're doing OK.
Sorry, Chica. Here's holding the light for a better job to land on him effortlessly and fast.
I'm sorry too. Will send positive thoughts - continuously.
Oh Crap. That's awful. Sure hope things get turned around for you, SOON!
Sorry to hear about the crap that is going on. Hope that things turn around fast.
Sorry to hear of the job loss. Thinking of you and yours...
god, i'm sorry. good luck to you.
girl, between the two of us we are having the worst luck - perhaps that strip club isn't such a bad idea after all? hang in there!
We'll all pitch in and help you buy your stripper outfit and the shoes.

While the outfit probably won't cost much, we, gals, do believe in good shoes !

Just let us know ...and maybe your husband will like the benefit package that comes with this gig ?

Hugs and many Trixie moments...
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