Thursday, April 21, 2005


Judgemental Bitch

I have nothing much to say tonight (and so of course will go on for hours about it). Work is utterly insane at the moment. Princess N is proving to be more helpful than I had thought she would be at work, but she still spends a lot of time in a less-than-manic state, so to speak, and seems to have trouble with the phone system. It is a simple system. There is one button to push to put the calls on forward to voicemail. You push it again to make the line active again so people can call the office. Simple, you may say. Fairly important for a receptionist to master, you may also say.

I have had to explain several times that if you pick up the phone and it beeps, it means that the calls are still on forward, and the button needs to be pushed AGAIN.

She doesn't work on Fridays, and I'm almost relieved. Tomorrow I have about 160-180 phone calls to make as well as 50-60 appointments to schedule, close to 100 letters to send out (thank dog for mail merge), four sets of minutes to complete, an annual timeline to draft, several pages of publicity material to copy-edit, 146 emails to either answer or file in the correct cabinet, maybe 20 phone messages to return with great grovelings and apologies and a couple of meetings to arrange.

I think there's a bunch of stuff that has fallen through the cracks, also, that I need to do some damage repair on. At this point I have no idea.

Despite all of this, I'm glad that I won't be listening to the endless litany of real or imagined illnesses (they are, apparently, legion) while praying that the phone RINGS so I don't have to go over and ask again if the calls are coming through without sounding insulting or beating her skull in with the three-hole punch.


I am using this frightening "to do" list as an excuse for the fact that little in the way of knitting has occurred Casa del Conejo. That, and the imminence of the Dreaded Dishcloth Deadline, with fewer than half of the required items being complete.

I know doing nothing but dishcloths is lame, but hey, one does what one must, and I have to say I'm fairly pleased about the uniformity of the finished items. They're not perfect but they're pretty good if I do say so myself:

I am, however, wrestling with a bit of a moral dilemma. You see, my mother, one of the women who taught me how to knit, offered me a completed dishcloth to add to my stack, so that I have fewer to make.

I think maybe her knitting is deteriorating a bit.

So what do I do? I can hardly give it to my customer; it's so obviously done by someone else, and not quite what I had in mind.

Do I grit my teeth and give it to my customer anyhow, or thank her and keep it for myself?

I think we all know what's going to be appearing in a sink near me in the very near future.

The horror of judging my mother's knitting and finding it wanting! I'm quite sure I'll be picking at her housekeeping next (her bathroom smelled of pee last time I was there). Am I sadly observing the deterioration of a loved one, or am I judgemental bitch?

I'm voting for the latter.

On the "things I want to do when I grow up" front, I have purchased some beads

and am hoping, some time before the end of the world (it's nigh!) to use it with the lambswool sent to me by Michael and do believe I may well take a run at this. In my copious free time.

Think I've gone on enough about having nothing to post?

Me too.

Isn't it amazing how hard it is for some people to master the phone? I too work in an office with a multi-line phone system that I've never really had any problems with. Inevitably though when we hire a new person it takes them a good month to figure out how to use the phone! The big thing we have trouble with is transferring calls. Damn phones...

The beads are loverly - can't wait to see how that one comes out. I just might have to give it a whirl myself. It's not like I don't have almost as many beads lying around the house as I have skeins of yarn...
Oh the dishcloths. It'll all be over soon. I love me some good beads. Give Frill a shot :)
Yes yes yes, the shawl. So much better than Otis.
How's your chicken hat coming along?
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