Monday, April 11, 2005


Incredible Yarny Goodness

To my eternal, shameful delight, this:

arrived in the mail from MarQ1 today. Isn't it wonderful? He also included a ball of Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal in a greenish-grey. Greyish-green. Maybe brown.

I'm old and I don't do colo(u)rs quite as well as I used to.

Thank you, MarQ1!

He assures me it's enough for a hat. I personally think it's enough for lunch. MAN is all of this stuff soft!

No knitting occrred today. Not one stitch. Instead I went to see a grad recital by two very talented young men and came home at 11pm to a clean kitchen. My boy was good today, and has a lead on a couple of jobs, too.

Life is improving, but all possible good thoughts, plus large sacks of unmarked bills, are very welcome.

More on The Chicken Hat Saga tomorrow.

I do believe I'm just going to sit here and fondle my yarn for a while.

You really gonna make a purple chicken? I must confess, I love the idea.

Coming home to a clean kitchen is almost enought to make one fall in love all over again. I once developed a hopeless passion for a friend just because he fixed my leaking sink.

Yeah baby, fix my cistern.
Fondle the yarn..oooooh....ahhhhhh...
Fondle away, my friend.

Then fondle some more.
Glad you like it. Yarn and a clean kitchen. Woo-hoo.
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