Saturday, April 09, 2005


I'm WHAT???

Transgender Barbie
You're Transgender Barbie! You're well, there's no
way to describe you. Pick a sex and stay with

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well. That was a little disturbing.

I'm in a delicate condition today, having sampled a bottle of wine last night that was, I must say, the first bottle of "champagne" I've ever met that would have benefited greatly by being mixed with co-cola. I would tell you what it was so that you can avoid having the same sorry experience, but I'm afraid that even typing the name would induce vomiting. I have to work the graveyard shift tonight and need all possible energy -- the vomiting isn't the best idea.


I have little in the way of knittage to share. I haven't been able to find another ball of the Shetland Chunky and so haven't cast on the chicken hat yet. I'm thinking I may have time at work tonight, unless I'm completely drowned by paperwork like I was last time. It will, alas, be purple.

The écru dishcloth is finished. I will spare you photos. I've also done another couple of inches on the 2x2 rib green sage scarf for The Dulaan Project. Just imagine the last picture a little longer and save my lazy ass from having to take another picture, k?

I will try to redeem my apathetic self by offering further stash reduction items. To wit:

Three balls (hand included for perspective, but will not be included in the package) of something fine and slubby in a beigey-oatmealy colo(u)r. No ball bands, no indication of what the fibre content is.

Free, to the first person to sing out. Please don't make me knit a stole with it.

No. Really. But thanks.
But I can't throw yarn out!!! If someone doesn't take it I'll have to make it into a stole and I've never worked with anything this light and I'll likely go blind!
Ugh, I'm transgender barbie too! wtf?
So am I.
Distrusting soul that I am, I had to test it to see if there are other Barbies. There are.
If you can't toss it, in-law gifts are always an option.
Thank you, long-lost cousin Mark!

Of course a cousin isn't usually an in-law ...
ok, you twisted my arm, i'll take it. as for the fucked up barbies, i'm lactating barbie. my waist isnt' that small though, the little bitch.
i'm baby got back barbie...i do have a big ass...
Let me guess: Friexenet or whatever that crap in the black bottle is? That stuff is rough.
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