Wednesday, April 27, 2005


If Everyone's Still Doing It ...

... is it really over?

My family and I went out tonight for a truly mediocre sushi experience.

The sushi was average. Edible but nothing to write home about. The teriyaki chicken was good. The service was ABYSMAL, they didn't have any juice for my kid (and so she's now whipping around the house on a sugar high at close to midnight -- fortunately I've started drinking) and despite the fact that this place is usually pretty cheap, I ended up spending $33.

Now $33 (especially Canadian) might not seem like such a bad deal for three people until you consider that my daughter ate about five or six small pieces of chicken teriyaki, one piece of yam tempura and two tablespoons of rice. I ate maybe three (possibly four) small pieces of chicken (less than 1/2" wide, maybe about 2" long), two pieces of tempura, three pieces of California roll and maybe three tablespoons of rice. I was still starving after we had eaten what we first ordered, as was my daughter, so I ordered another teriyaki chicken rice bowl for us to split. They decided that although we were sitting there at the end of the restaurant, obviously not going anywhere, despondently snuffling through the wreckage of the first couple of dishes in search of stray bean sprouts, that they should make up the order as a "to go" and leave it on the counter for over half an hour. By the time we finally got it, I was too pissed off to eat and left, still hungry, and much poorer. (It's now in the fridge for Ben's lunch tomorrow).

So essentially my husband ate dinner at the "cheapest" restaurant in town for an amount on which I could feed my whole family for three days.

And I'm still hungry.

Anyhow, all whining (temporarily) aside, we were looking out the window when a couple of young ladies walked by. One was wearing jeans that were either hemmed short, cut off or rolled up about half-way up her calf, with a pair of either flat shoes or boots, and very ugly striped socks. Her belt was leather with so many studs and dangles and sets of handcuffs that her furiously wobbling haunches were casting more sparkles about than a disco ball.

I said to Ben "good god. Someone needs to tell all of these people that the '80s are over. Or hell, was it the '70s?". He cruelly pointed out that if "all of these people" are still dressing like this, then it's not over yet.

Excuse me while I go drink some more beer.

Before my last flight out of Washington-Reagan Airport, I was doing some shopping.

(love to shop at DCA)

I bought "My First Book of Sushi" which is a colorful board book and the text is all in ...hy-coo .

ok so that is NOT the correct spelling but i am to fucking lazy to look it up given that i am sleep deprived mother-fuc@!$(
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