Saturday, April 02, 2005


A Different Type of Stash

Today I realized that there was no way I could determine what I had in my stash, even AFTER knitting 100 items (and even if half of those items were NOT dishcloths).

We used to live in a much larger home and I somehow thought that getting rid of 50 books and one chair would cut the amount of crap in here in half. Ha! Putting the contents of one fairly large two-level three-bedroom townhouse with ample storage into a one-level two-bedroom apartment with not a lot of storage seemingly requires more effort than that.

In my favour, I would like to note that much of this "stuff" isn't mine.


Four boxes containing 452 knitted squares, waiting for the kind ladies (and gents, we're non-exclusionary!) of my community to sew them into blankets.

This represents only a small amount of the "stuff" I have for this project in my house. There is no way I can even find half of my stash until I get this out of here.

I spent part of the day coming to grips with the fact that I need a storage locker, and the rest of the day explaining to my husband that we really have to spend $40 a month so that we can walk across the floor in here.

Five completed blankets went to the shelter today. One box of 146 squares plus two tubs of yarn totaling about 23 lbs. is now residing in that locker, with these boxes set to follow tomorrow. I figure it'll take at least a week of determined packing and hauling to move it all there, but then I'll be able to breathe again. And find the bedroom closet. And the storage room. And so on.

And then I have to find about 100 completely demented people to sew the squares together and knit up all of the rest of the yarn into blankets.

And pay for the storage locker.

One day I'll be able to play with my own stash again. Honest.


If you are ever coming out this end of the Fraser Valley I would be willing to crochet ONE of those boxes of squares into blankets for you. Mailing them would be ludicrous. Almost as nutty as paying to store them!

Have you thought of appealing to outside sources? Maybe a women's shelter would be willing to crochet or sew them together? What about the Red Cross, Salvation Army, local church groups, drop-in centers, or schools?

Seems to me that collecting all those squares should be enough of a commitment on your part. You shouldn't also have to pay to store them as well.
The Red Cross and Salvation Army aren't appropriate (worthy organizations but they would want the blankets) but there are a couple of church groups that are helping. Problem is that everyone wants to knit, nobody wants to join!

I'm starting fundraising next week and hope to get the Society to pay for the storage soon (fingers crossed).
Holy cow, what a back log ! Guess you should stop bitchin and start stitchin or whatever you knitters say...

I would love to help but ITGIRL has not yet begun to teach me to knit. (nor has she finished by simple scarf and it's almost summer now)

Anyway, so not only can I NOT work on my own scarf but I can't help anyone else out.

I am useless..less than useless...the less on the bottom of the used up uses.

Glad you are feeling better - though I missed the obituary....

We could have done a swell obit regarding your generosity in knitting blankets (and paying for the storage).
I'd offer to help, but I have squares piled in my nooks and crannies , too.
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