Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Alpaca Silk Toilet Paper

So tonight I'm fondling the Alpaca Silk yarn that I was babbling on about yesterday (and I'm quite proud that I haven't gotten any drool on it yet). I'm sitting there quitely minding my own business and fondling its warm soft goodness, and then finally ask my husband what he thinks I should make with it.

He says "Alpaca Silk Toilet Paper".

I responded, reasonably, with "What in the purple screaming fuck are you talking about?"

"I wonder how much that would sell for on eBay," he quietly replied.

Do you think he's got issues about me listing all of his comic books for sale?

(Before anyone thinks I'm evil, he was just being funny, and he was actually going to landfill all of his comics before I suggested auctioning them off to pay some bills).

I was going to start this paragraph with "On a slightly-less-peculiar knitterly front," but of course was then going to go on to talk about
The Raw Chicken Viking Hat Knit-Along and, well I'm not quite sure which is more normal of the two topics.

I admit to being a horrible slacker, seeing I sort of started this knit-along and haven't even cast on when one person has already finished (go look, it's hilarious!) but I finally found the purple that I wanted to use for this. It's Paton's Canadiana in Color 027 Violet. I love that colour! Hopefully my friend Kathleen will also.

Either that or she'll drive up here and slaughter me.


Oh, and Dragon Knitter? If you'd like that yarn I posted the other day, please drop me a line with an address and I'll pop it in the mail on Thursday when I send out Hockey Mom's yarn.

well i don't think the toliet would deal with that well somehow , heee ! lol
Alpaca Silk might be nicer to rub on your bits than that toilet paper in the commercial where she moans "caaaaaashmeeeeeere" while masturbating with the product. Wouldn't want to see the state of the septic tank later, though.
ok, woman, what's your email! send me that and i'll send my addy, lol. thanks a bunch (and you're not the only one i've offered stash reduction to, lol, look at titaniumrose's blog, lol!)
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