Sunday, March 06, 2005


Ten Things

OK, I admit it, I am a memeslut. Here's the latest that's making the rounds, or at least the latest that I find interesting. It's a little disturbing that so many of the things on here are bizarre accidents.

10 Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t (because you are not a 'tard):

1. Lived in an Animal Hospital for two years. Without my own bathroom (bathed in the tub where they washed the dogs. With the dogs watching.).

2. Flew to Toronto (3,000 miles) for the weekend, because I was bored.

3. Ripped off the end of my toe on a nail while on stage, and finished the play while leaving little red dots everywhere.

4. Went to Japan to attend the wedding of someone I had only known a few weeks. Caught the bouquet, too.

5. Broke one of my front teeth in half like a peanut (front half shattered into powder and I have a laminate on it) when my best friend kicked me in the jaw when I was being a dead solider in Cyrano de Bergerac.

6. Trashed my quad while playing softball for the departmental team at a post-secondary education institution for which I worked. Finished my run before I collapsed. Had to take the rest of the season off.

7. Acted as a translator on an IRC channel when a person who spoke only German joined the chat.

8. Took two days off work to pull most of the plaster off the ceiling and one wall of my room and then replastered from the studs out to repair water damage, without a clue as to what I was doing.

9. Got 12 stitches in my ass as a result of a horrible liquor/brandy snifter/hot tub/slippy deck incident.

10. Left the home of my husband, drove over 300 km in the worst blizzard since (I believe) 1916, to meet a man I had met on the internet and who I had agreed to marry, even though I didn't know what he looked like. We've been together eight and a half years now.

Yeah. I'm a goof.

You win!
I stand in awe of your many and varied accomplishments!
I can't even begin to top this! But so far you haven't made a butthole hat. ;-)
Oh yes, everyone should stand in awe of a woman who can't even walk across a stage or get into a hot tub without drawing blood!
you are very clumsy and a bit of a nutball ;)
wow - the only thing i might have on you is that I ate rocks when i was a kid. and mom wondered why i was always constipated!
Wow, that is by far the most interesting meme I've read. And if anyone one could make a cable needle through the nose work, I'm confident you could. :)
yes i second that ANN..and buniiesz? If you fly to toronto for the weekend CAN I COME!!! ... tho i have to fly from Australia first,, hmm this could be interesting,,and i have to go though vancover CUZ IM NOT BEING TREATED LIKE A CRIM just PASSING though the US OF YUCCY A LOL
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