Sunday, March 13, 2005


Stupid Bathtub

Clearly, I am the worst mother in the world, short of Joan Crawford.

I seem to have somehow exposed my daughter to cussin'. I'm sure none of you find that startling.

Today I overheard her happily singing "take that, you stupid bathtub".

So that will be my swearword for the week. "stupid bathtub"

All I can say is I'm glad she wasn't in the kitchen about ten minutes ago when I dropped one of those large solid plastic chopping boards on my foot.

I would really hate to hear her singing "oh shitfuckpiss you motherfucker".

MAN those things hurt when they land on their edge on the joint of your big toe.

Make a note, and try to avoid doing this.

Hah! You don't have water spewing all over the place! I do. I'm sitting here all placid like and my washing machine is puking water all over the friggin place.

The plumber is on the way. Yeah, right.

love 'n' kisses. Pleace to be sending mops. Thankyewandgoodnight..

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