Tuesday, March 01, 2005


A Rabbitch's Guide to Successful Stashbusting

First, look at your yarn in horrified stupefication and try to find out how the hell it all got into your house.

Look in the closets. Find more.

Post about it, in the hope that the public embarrassment will deter you from buying more yarn and inspire you to knit more quickly.

Buy more yarn. Continue knitting at the same pace.

Make friends with a bunch of people who have yarn. win yarn, get yarn given to you, trade for yarn. win more yarn.

Win even more yarn, this time from Juno.

Realize that after three months of dedicated stashbusting, the trading of yarn, the gifting of yarn and the more gifting of yarn, you are 21 balls ahead of where you were when you started.

Drink. Repeat.

It sounds like you're having a very successful stashbusting exercise.
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