Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The Quartermaster's Store

Please note that the above-mentioned location is the correct venue for ants. They are not welcome in my home, no matter what sort of pants (check out song #8) they are wearing.

And besides, I'm allergic to rubber.

I have had enough of the whineage. I have ordered myself to shut up, no matter what happens. Whoever it is who is answering my unasked "what the hell else can go wrong" question seems to thrive on the whining, the assbeagle ratbastard. (Thanks, Steph, for the epithet!)

I will therefore not mention that we have added yet another attack of pestilence to the list of woes, Ch├ęz Lapin. To wit, an infestation of ants.

We are paid tomorrow. There will be a hasty purchasing of ant traps. And maybe a mallet 'cause I'm sort of enjoying splatting the little fuckers.

Just to prove that I can actually knit, behold the progress on the scarf I am making for The Dulaan Project.

About 10" of 2x2 rib in a medium sage colour.

As some of you know (well, anyone who uses the same service), Blogger has been a bitch of late, messing with posts, photos, comments, etc. In the time between when I uploaded the picture of the scarf to when Blogger actually let me save it as a draft, thereby removing it from view, someone named Kathy kindly commented that she loved the color. Thank you! I am not all that fond of the yarn, it's acrylic and a little stiff, but yes, the colo(u)r is very nice (although not quite as pictured)!

Watch this spot for another breathless update after I complete another two or three creeping inches ... like maybe in a month.

I never said I was fast.

Fucking ants, death to them all. I've got them too. A couple years ago there was a news story about the ant problem in CA and it said that from Santa Barbara to San Diego was basically one gigantic ant colony, genetically speaking. Sounds like they've expanded northwards. It's too early in the year for these little bastards and nothing kills them. They don't respond to ant traps or sugary decoys. I'm going to try dynamite on sunday. I'll let you know how that works and how my management company feels about my solution.

I got the yarn and am knitting it into mitts! Thank you VERY much! I'll have one warm hand tomorrow night to knit myself a second one for the following night of outdoor work.
Ants! The big, nasty carpenter-type here!

Can't live with 'em. Burn down the house and they'll nail you for arson. Remember, orange is NOT your color!
I hate them. I get all kinds of odd bugs off the creek behind my house and I can live with them fine. I mean, sometimes they have to die, but they don't disturb me.

But the waterbugs and the ants get me at some kind of primal level. And the ants come very year. I end up with all my potions and lotions standing in a pan of water because it is the only way to keep the ants out. Looks ridiculous.

Spray 'em with hairspray - very satisfying.
I just go out into the yard and pour boiling water onto the ant hills. Seems to slow them down a bit. Heh. The dynamite sounds like fun.

Psssssst - let me know if you want a Typepad blog. I can host an unlimited number on my account. Just saying.
Things for La to do:

1. Add "assbeagle" to her vocabulary.

2. Encourage Rabbitch to take Snow up on her offier. Blogger totally sucks ass. I have been trying to leave this comment since last night.

3. Recommend using windex on those fucking ants. No, I'm not Greek, why do you ask?
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