Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Oh Thank Dog

Just as I was about to run out of yarn, who saves the day but Michael?

This little delight arrived in the mail today:

About a thousand yards of Brown Sheep's "Top of the Lamb" in single ply sportweight. Color 110, Onyx.


I may live to knit another day ...

Suggestions anyone? I don't think even I can make this into dishcloths.

Speaking of dishcloths, tune in to the ungrateful cow over there tomorrow for pictures of my insanely hot slippers.

To quote Pepe Le Pew ... "Le pant".

Double it and knit Clapotis !

Fun,easy,stylish,for you.Just the thing.
I strongly dislike the Clapotis ... I couldn't do that to this beautiful yarn.

I have a nice lace shawl pattern though. Maybe that.

Or more Sophies!
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