Tuesday, March 29, 2005


More Stashbusting

In deference to our urgently impecunious state (that's "broke" for those who don't think they're some sort of smart-asses) I have indulged in some stashbusting via eBay. You may find it startling to discover that one of the items I sold was cotton. Green cotton. No, not the stuff that Lynne sent (I wouldn't dare, plus it would be tacky!), but 8 balls of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Hunter Green.

I think this actually brings my total ball-count (if you'll excuse the expression) to a lower number (for the first time) than it was when I started this in December.

And now, I have urgent news! For all of you who are as enamored as I am of the Viking Chicken Hat but who have despaired of their mathematical ability to convert it to an adult pattern, vooDOO has kindly alerted me (I typed that as "kindly altered me". Oh Doctor Freud?) to the fact that one can be found here. Meander down to the March 27 post and feast your eyes on all its chickeny goodness. Follow the links because really, if you do nothing else this year, you have GOT to see a dog in a chicken hat.

Seems that instead of doing endless math, all you have to do is use thicker yarn and bigger needles. Who knew?

Anyhow, although the brilliant knitter who was the first to notice if you use bigger yarn you get a bigger product seems to have offered wantonly to knit these hats for all and sundry, I think the noble path would be to have a knit-along.

Anyone know how one of those works? I'm a newbie at this so I don't have a clue, but I'd certainly be up for it. Oh man ... we could make them in all different colors ...


Oh.My,Sweet.Lord! A chicken hat knitalong? Why am I not surprised?

In colors? Can mine be blue?

And on that same note, someone asked for guidance on "flesh" (I believe she called it "healthy human flesh" tone yarn on one of the lists. Listers (as they often do) jumped all over the non-PCness of the request which prompted another lister to stomp off in a huff over the thinskinnedness of them all, claiming it stressed her out. She needs a like.

Shit, I need a life!
One way to do it is to create a new Blogger blog for the knitalong, and when people send you a request to join, you add them as additional "team players" or something, with limited permission in the blog -- they can only post, but can't access the template or edit posts or anything. That's the way the Scarf Style KAL works. And then everyone can add posts just like in any blog, it works out really well. Good luck, you sassy viking chicken-lover!

brilliant knitter!

I would love to believe that's true, but I suspect you just haven't read my site enough ....

of course, now that you have referred to me as a brilliant knitter, I adore you. I think you are the epitome of insight and have an uncanny depth of judgement.

as for the cold turkey/chicken hat - now that I have knit one, I would change two things about the hat for the adult, first place the 'legs' higher (by about 5 rows) on the hat -- and also make them a bit bigger (I think they were 25 stitches total - I might change that to 30 to make them a tad meatier). The hat itself is very simple, the legs are a pain in the ass --- rather than knit them and then attach them, you pick up the stitches and knit them from the hat. This means that you better be sure of your placement before you start knitting!

I would also start the top decrease a bit sooner (it came out too big in the crown). If you start the decreases sooner, you may not need to change the placement of the legs .....
Just what color did you have in mind? ACKrylic circa 1973 rainbow variegated (I know you have some). Or perhaps nice golden brown to simulate a done chicken.

Sky, sky blue. Or maybe a nice spring green.

Now that you have gotten your stash down below the original point I have an irresistible urge to send you something.
how's about ackrylic circa 1973 in mustard yellow, avocado green, and burnt orange? now that would be a funky chicken! i'm game, too! i love that hat, and my sons want it!
Oh please do start a knit along for this! I have the pattern at home figuring when I finally get around to spawning a child I'll be that horrible mother who makes her offspawn wear such things for future blackmail photos. Anyway, the husband was totally enamoured with with... Yes, we must Chicken Viking Hat along!!!
Hey, if you wanna ebay the green cotton, more power to you.

Re: knitalongs - a lower-tech way would be to set up a yahoo group, and just link to it from your page.

You can also put a button for a knitalong at http://knitting.xaviermusketeer.com/2005knitalongs.html

Though, my guess is that there is already a large cross-section of naked chicken viking hat fans/Rabbitch readers (can't quite put my finger on why - just makes sense in a twisted way), so further marketing is probably not required.
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