Thursday, March 24, 2005


A Mixed Bag

That would describe me to a "T" tonight.

To answer the Blogger questions first, I use statcounter. It's a great program and lets you see who's visiting, how many, from where, etc, and what keywords they searched on.

Marlene, I'll email you the code for getting a target to open in a new window because, of course, if I type it here I just get a target that's going to open in a new window and not what you would actually need to type into your blog. I didn't try this ten or twelve different ways before deciding to email it, either, because that would Just Be Dumb.

Oh yes, and I just sent the info without double-checking it and it's wrong. You have to put http:// in front of the www.statcounter thingie or it fucks up bigtime.

Yes, I'm a technological whiz. Want me to fix your computer for you? (Please note: The correct answer is "no".)

I do believe I have one last interview to inflict, this one on MarQ1. I don't know him all that well -- we have just exchanged a few emails and rummaged through each other's blogs (I usually make folks buy me a drink before letting them do that but seems I'm easy this week. I mean easier) -- but I like him a lot and enjoy his blog.

He has, of course, posted "63 things about me", which makes this task far more difficult, but here goes.

1. When did you start knitting and why?

2. You seem to like wine. Red or white? Dry or not? What is your favourite wine?

3. You say on your blog that you like cats. Do you have one or have you ever been owned by a small furry emissary of Satan?

4. If someone gave you a Chia Pet, how long do you think it would take to think of a fitting revenge and what would it be?

5. Do you think you will ever try spinning and dyeing as so many people (hopefully me also, soon) seem to be doing?

I actually have knitting content today! I have my first three items completed for the Dulaan Project.

First, a child's hat, made from the same pattern I have used for a number of adult hats. I love this one, it's so easy:

Second, one of two sets of booties I have completed but have not yet seamed:

The other pair is a slightly lighter blue. None of these, alas, go on my "items completed" list, as they were made a couple of years ago, but they DO go on my "list of items I have shipped out and which I will point out to my husband when he starts complaining about the Walls of Yarn around here."

Tonight was Girls Night, Ch├ęz Lapin, so Herself and I went off to a couple of nasty fast-food places where she played in the playroom with all of the other kids and I actually got some knitting time. My 2x2 rib sage scarf, also for Dulaan, is now at 14". It's still boring but I think I'll cast it off at about 42" so I'm 1/3 of the way there. There was no point in taking a photograph of it. It looks the same as last time, except longer. Just go look at the first picture and squint a bit.

Or a lot.

D*mn. I thought you'd offer the green cotton.
Answers tommorrow. It's late and I have to take the car in for service early. If it starts.
Thanks to your blog writer's tutorial I now have Statcounter. I also have messed around and done a couple of "open in new window" links. They work, but I am not sure that I could remember exactly how to do them without opening your email and double checking every time.

Thanks for the help.
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