Saturday, March 19, 2005


Interview The Third

I love this. It absolves me of all necessity to knit and then display the pathetic results.

Right now on the knittage front, I'm trying desperately to meet the order of 20 dishcloths I have due shortly, but I keep giving them away. After I FINALLY get 20 done (I have the sum total of four right now, and I'm giving two of those away tomorrow) I'll settle down to knitting what I want rather than what I need to do for the cash.

Stacey has asked to be interviewed, so here are your questions:

1. When did you start blogging, and why?

2. What was the first item you ever made and kept for yourself

3. Did you keep it because you love it or because you made so many knittos that you were embarrassed to give it away?

4. Do you prefer knitting over cross-stitch or vice versa?

5. How many UFOs do you have?

I'm spending Saturday with my daughter and my friend Mar, eating and swimming and generally carrying on. More interviews afterwards.

hey! i know you dont know me well, but i was wondering if you'd like to as ME some questions :)
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