Monday, March 14, 2005


A Hard Act to Follow

I'm sorry to report that I have no further body modification stories to tell. At least not today.

I have decided to give myself the day off from pain. No breadboards to the foot, no hair-ripping, nothing.

I do, however, have the funniest site ever to share with you before I deal with the mundane issues of "making something pretty" for myself. Go look. It's a lot better than anything I'm going to come up with today.

You may note that another item has appeared in the sidebar. I've finished another dishcloth and have started to use up the vile green cotton that Lynne sent me. You really don't need to know what it looks like (ass, susprisingly enough) so you're spared the pictures tonight. You're welcome.

In yesterday's comments, MarQ1 wisely notes that I don't seem to love the Clapotis.

I do not. And, from what I understand, the Clapotis does not love me. It is disinclined to even buy me a drink. Making it would be foolish and I'm going to put that idea aside.

Although I do love the shawl I posted as the alternate possibility, well, no. Not right now and not in that yarn.

And so I remain projectless. This yarn is sportweight and really isn't the sort of thing I want to use to make the dreaded Shapely Tank (but thank you for the suggestion Marlene). I don't want it next to my skin all day long, I'd itch like mad and I think perchance I just may be mad enough already.

I still desperately want to make Otis, even though it may well make me look like I'm wearing a sack of dead puppies around my neck.

Therefore, tomorrow night I am going to put batteries in the camera, haul out my embarrassingly large stash of knitting books, take enough photographs to make everyone drool over the endless possibilities, and try to find the ideal project. Should such a project not present itself, I'm going to make the Otis anyhow, and make it a couple of inches longer (to conceal my regretfully gravity-challenged bosom) and to hell with fashion. And taste. And all of that unnecessary stuff.

For now, I think I'm actually going to go to bed before 1am so that I can function at work tomorrow. And maybe not drop anything on myself for once.

Clapotis looks like a nice shawl had a BAD accident.

(I may have just offended half the knit-blogging world)!
Ah the Clapper - i'm in the middle of one, like half the knit blogging world of course...but it's a hand killer for sure - and you know Marlene, you have a point there..hmm. However, I personally refuse to knit anything designed by the Tiny Diva, just on principle ;-) What about the Butterfly Shawl from Interweave?
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