Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Google Giggle

OK, I can understand people googling for things like "allergic to lace" and "phentex dynasty blanket". "Pantieless" is one that I just brought on myself, apparently, and I'll bet none of the people who searched on that word found what they were looking for (or if they did this is very disturbing news and I'd rather not talk about it), but REALLY people ... bearfarts?


It would seem that Google returns ten results for "bearfarts" and this blog is the first of those results.

There have been at least THREE searches for "bearfarts" that have brought people here. Three.

What I want to know is who is doing this? Is it someone who remembers that I said "bearfarts" in one of my posts but who can't remember "Rabbitch" and doesn't know how to bookmark? Is there a large (well, ok, three) group of people out there with bearfart fetishes? Are the bears themselves searching for remedies to excessive flatulation?

What? For the love of dog, WHAT?

These are the sorts of questions that keep me up at night. Aren't you glad you're not me?

A trio of "hows".

How do you track what words people google to find your site? (I'm not your bearfart perv. I am just a stalker that has a shortcut to your blog on my desktop).

How do you make links on your site that open in a new window rather than pulling the reader away from your site?

How do you make a clickable-link list of your favorite blogs in your sidebar?

If it's quicker just mail me the "Rabbitch Guide To Blogging" manual. Thanks.
That's just weird. Sometimes (if I'm REALLY bored) I'll go to metacrawler and watch what people are searching for. Who are these people??
Another Stalker here wondering how you are able to see what words people google and ultimately find your site.

Happy Easter!!

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