Saturday, March 05, 2005



I went out drinking with my stalker this afternoon. We drank, we chatted, we laughed like loons, we knitted (knat?). It was a grand time.

I'm not used to getting all likkered up in the middle of the afternoon, though, so my brain feels like fungus.

This has inspired me to post one of my favourite pictures, taken (by moi) in Golden Ears Provincial Park two years ago when my friend Michelle was here visiting.

Thank dog for the 2,000 pictures I have on file here ...


Fungus is more of a solid than how my brain felt I assure you...especially after landing on my rather petite derrier ;-)in the pub upon exiting. At least I learned the hard way that chivalry is NOT dead in our neck of the woods. oooooooohman that was the highlight I have to say! Cheers mate
Your stalker friend
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