Friday, March 04, 2005


Dogged by Assbeagles

Yes, I know that over on Rebecca's blog I promised to stop adding "ass" to every word I can think of just to amuse myself. Seemingly I lied.

Deal, babies.

I have one small superstition in my life. Just one. I make a point of never, NEVER asking "what else can go wrong"? It's just asking for trouble.

And yet, despite my determined refusal to ask any such thing, some joker keeps answering. Dear whoever is answering: please just shut the fuck up now, I get the point.

So, the house in which I live is up for sale, as I have whined on about already, and I got a call two days ago asking me to move some stuff I had out front so that they could pressure wash the walks and the cement bit in front of the house. Fairy nuff, stuff was moved into my insanely-overpacked home. Pressure washing did not occur on the scheduled day.

I also got a call from a lady who had done a bunch of knitting for the blankets project thingie I do, asking if she could drop it off at my home. I said yes, and was expecting her to drop it off on Saturday or Sunday.

Does anyone see where this is heading? I certainly didn't.

Pressure washing happens today, one day later than scheduled. Blanket squares are dropped off today, two days earlier than scheduled.

Blanket squares are dropped off in a big plastic shopping bag, unsealed, in front of my door. Pressure washers are assbeagles who either don't see the bag or don't care to move it.

I get home to a large bag full of wet and dirty knitted squares. Thank dog Sunday is "my" laundry day.

Shoot me now. Really, it would be a kindness.

Assbeagle ratbastard.

bang, bang you have been shot!!
some people don't care about anything but getting their "job" done, no matter what happens to everything else. i'm sorry you've got wet dirty squares. the jerks. (thinks nasty thoughts)
assbeagle is my new favorite word. I will doubtless be using it tomorrow when we take the houseguests from hell over the border - can we just leave them in B.C. or will the jeopardize our immigration chances? I'm so sorry that your squares got soaked by fools, though, I hope they wash up bright and shiney again!
*shakes head * no! im not going to shoot you , then i would be bored!!! :P hehe
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