Friday, February 25, 2005


Why Sure! Come On Over!

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I am the third worst housekeeper in the world. I might be the first two as well, judging by the mess around here.

I'm messy, I'm not usually dirty, but due to a great lack of support in the domestic arena of late (like the last eight and a half years), the house was in an astonishing state of filth this week -- and believe me, if I think "filthy", you're gonna be thinking "biohazard".

Either last night or the night before I looked around in absolute despair, thinking "Oh my dog, my complete and utter worst nightmare would be if the landlord wanted to come over any time soon. There's no way I can find time to clean this."

And then this morning the phone rang. At 8am. With the aforementioned landlord asking if he could bring a realtor over at 11:30.

Why sure! A realtor! With no notice!

I put him off until tomorrow morning, seeing I have the legal right to 24 hours' notice (and if I was being twatzilla again I could have insisted on said notice being in writing, but I'm ok today) but I'm spending most of tonight scraping the filth off the walls (no, it's not that bad!) so that my home can be sold out from under me ... 'cause I think we all know what the word "realtor" means, no?

I have therefore neglected to take photos of all of the wondrous giftage that has come my way in the last few weeks, however I do happen to have a photo of the two skeins of Moonlight Mohair I won from the good folks at Lion Brand yarns, via The Yarn Harlot's page.


So, you think I should eat it or make a scarf with it?

You are not going to have to move again!? The horror!! Yeah, your landlord sucks toe, but at least you now have pretty rope to strangle him with! :) Gotta think positively!
Of course if you don't bother cleaning up, that could be a real deterent to any potential buyers.
Well, I have a lease and they can't break it, so we're here to December unless they offer us major incentive$. However, if I leave it filthy they can evict me for cause ...
Eat it.
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