Sunday, February 06, 2005


UFO Dilemma

I seem to have me a little UFO dilemma. See? You knew I'd post about knitting again one day soon.

I present, for your comments:

The Dreaded Yellow Baby Blanket.

It's pretty. The colour is very close (for once) in this photograph. The stitch is simple:

Multiple of 5 stitches: Do some garter stitch rows, then:
Row 1: k1, p 4
Row 2 & 3: k3, p2
Row 4: K1, p4
Row 5 & 6: k

It makes a neat sort of triangular bubble texture and it looks far more impressive than something that simple warrants.

The problem? Well, there are multiple problems.

Firstly, I cast on too wide and have only four balls of the Caron Perfect Match. After much math and angst I have determined that I should be able to make the blanket maybe two inches longer than it is wide. It will be almost perfectly square, which I have never found to be particularly useful in a blanket.

Secondly, I started making this years ago for the sister of a man I used to talk to. He is a butt, we haven't talked for years, and although neither the sister nor her baby are likely butts, well, the baby is at least two years old now, more likely three, and I would have no idea where to send it (although I could find him again if I really wanted to).

Thirdly, I'm not entirely sure I like working with this yarn any more.

Fourthly (and this, of course, is the one that is bothering me), the last three or four rows are wrong. To continue on this pattern I would have to tink three or four rows (I lost my place in the pattern somehow on a graveyard shift) and then continue on from there.

So. Here are my options. We all know I'm never sending it to J's sister, so I can a) frog the whole damned thing, put it in my stash (yes, the stash I am trying to deplete) and eventually use it for charity knitting or, more likely, give it away. b) tink 8 or 9 repeats (or more likely rip it out and try to pick up the stitches again), finish it up with several rows of garter stitch, call it a scarf and donate it somewhere, likely the Native Friendship Centre c) leave it as is, add a few rows of garter stitch, cast off and include it in one of the charity blankets I'm making or d) suck it up, tink the four rows and finish it and give it to my friend (yes, the stupid one) who is expecting.

I'm thinking all of them are appealing. D) appeals most at the moment, seeing it is over 1/4 finished.

Your thoughts?

As an aside, and nothing to do with knitting, I thought that this was just about one of the neatest articles I'd ever read. Thank you Snowball for directing me to your sister's blog where I first found the link!

I eagerly await the consensus on Ol' Yeller.

Baby blanket for the foolish pregnant friend is my vote. I say get that yarn gone asap. it's sticky. ew. but it IS washable...
A good suggestion. And the blanket will likely last longer than the new "husband". And, as you said, it's washable ...
Yup, the blanket for "stupid" sounds like a great idea. Then you can make more dishcloths. ;-)

How wide is the blanket? Decades(!) ago when I was a young mom, I LIKED the square baby blankets! They were my favorite. You can swaddle a newborn very nicely by laying them diagonally on the square. The square has to be somewhere around 36" - 45" for it to work really well. A square blanket can also be folded in half for a doublely thick covering on a bassinett or stroller.

Finish the blanket (stopping when it is perfectly square....that will look "intended") and give it to Stupid. It'll be one more project DONE.
"D" for look the hero yet off load something you yourself loathe...

Debbie in Ontario
Well, given that you called it Ol' Yeller, I say take it out back and shoot it. no, not really - I'd say do the least painful thing (for you) on that list, which for me would exclude a - since you'd have to look at the yarn again. I'd do option d, modification 1: tink the four rows and rather than going back up, knit a fat fat border around the whole thing. Something mindless enough that you can fly along with it while indulging in TV. a crib blankie doesn't have to be very big, so that gets you off the hook.

I vote B or D. B would be faster. D would get you off the hook with Stupid.

You make knitting sound hard. Guess I'll stick with crocheting.

and that's all I have to say about that.
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