Thursday, February 24, 2005


Tagged Again

I've been tagged again, this time by Justy. I don't mind 'cause I'm a total attention whore, however the problem is, it's a TV meme. I don't watch TV. I mean ever.

TV Meme:

1. How much space is left on your Tivo or Comcast box?

I don't have either. Actually I'm such an ass that I don't know what they are.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series and if so which one?


3. What was the last TV show that you all watched before reading this message?

My daughter watched the Jetsons. It was something about a singing plant.

4. List 5 shows you won't miss.

Um, I watched Six Feet Under a few times and liked it. I like South Park as well but I never watch it. Is it still on? And that Home Movies cartoon thingie is funny. I like coach McGurk. But I don't even know when it's on and on what channel, I just catch it when Ben watches it.

5. Name 3 people to whom you will pass this stick.

Nobody. I'm too embarrassed at being so damned lame.

But I am grateful for being tagged tonight 'cause it was a nice fast post. I can't shake this cold and I'm heading to bed (before ten again!) but I couldn't leave y'all postless.

Stay tuned tomorrow for visions of exciting giftage!

This meme annoys me because I have a Replay and they are superior to TiVo nobody knows what they are. And I hacked into my Replay to upgrade the hard drive so I always have like 400 hours left on it. And I watch porn. Lots and lots of porn. Sweaty, sweaty porn. So that's what I've always watched last. And what business is it of theirs?

So a Tivo type thing is like a computerized VCR, is all. You don't need videotapes. It's fancy enough to know what's on tv so it has it's own remote control and you just say "record" and it records what's on. The advantage is that it can also rewind and pause tv (even live tv that you're watching right now). This comes in handy when like, the phone rings and your mother is calling for the twelfth time because "the thingy on the iBook thingy is doing something weird and the plug hoojiggy might not be all the way in and now the battery isn't fully charged, maybe, and there's a warning, but it's being blocked so we're not really sure what it says, and some program downloaded but we don't know where it is and we don't remember what it was called and what it was supposed to do."
I don't watch TV much either. The TV is in the basement and my favorite knitting spot is in the living room. Once in a while I'll wander down there to spend some "quality time" with my long as he's not watching reno/building shows or car shows. next to never.
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