Friday, February 04, 2005


A Plethora of Dishcloths

Got a call at work today from a lady who has purchased a number of my dishcloths before. Yes, they're boring, but they get me $3 a pop and she ordered twenty of them.

Being mind-numbingly broke at the moment, I got all excited until I realized that it meant that I had to KNIT 24 dishcloths (20 for her, 4 that people want for the TSF dealie).

Well. Guess I don't have to worry me none about any of them fancy stitches for a while. I'm going to be eBaying like a ho for half the weekend (hubby donated his huge vintage comic collection to the cause) and knitting (also, startlingly enough, like a ho) for the rest of the weekend, in between studying for my exam on Wednesday and oh yes, cleaning the house enough so that someone can come over on Sunday.

And I'm getting sick and have to work the graveyard shift on Saturday night.

Why yes, I would like some cheese with that whine, now that you mention it. Very kind of you.

Rest assured that I will post only ONE photograph, of a huge pile of dishcloths, rather than each individual one. Unless I run out of material, that is.

I have to get these dishcloths out of the way very, very quickly, as we seem to have two people working on the conversion for The Dreaded Chicken Knit-Along and we'll want to clear the decks so that we can concentrate all of our energies and artistic talents on that little puppy, won't we?

Man, I don't even know how to do these knit-along thingies. Guess it's time for some research.

Right after I finish this dishcloth.

Hey Rabbitch. Before you ebay for dishcloth stuff - I have gobs of Sugar 'n Cream cotton you can HAVE. Many colors. Send me email at lynnerago at comcast dot net and we'll figure it out.

Also, mitered squares would make cool & easy dishcloths - you mentioned you wanted to learn. No purling!
Perhaps you should eBay for a knitting machine.
I actually ~have~ all of the cotton I need, and I have a knitting machine. I wouldn't be able to buy either, anyhow. I am selling stuff on eBay, not buying. But thank you for the suggestions. I'll email you, freddie, if you're giving away cotton, though. I'm not bonkers *g*
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