Friday, February 18, 2005


Out of Order

I'm going to be gone Friday night -- working two graveyard shifts this weekend -- so I won't be able to post, and I know you'll all be wracked with grief, so I leave you with this picture of a bunniebum:

Gonna get lots of knitting time in, maybe finish two dishcloths and work on a 2x2 rib scarf for Dulaan Project.

Yeah, I know there's a lot to be done right here at home, and I'm doing it, believe me, but I think I can find time for a scarf or two and maybe a couple of hats.

I wonder if the Mongolians like orange acrylic?

We'll miss you. BTW, the link to the Dulaan Project isn't working.
Thanks, mom! I fixed the link, too.
Is the bunny's ass drining the sake-tini?
That is a nice little white bunny tail.

You watch it, missy, or a package containing dishcloths and a knitted rabbit may well be landing on your doorstep one day soon!
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