Wednesday, February 02, 2005



OK, I shall be forever in love with anyone who can convert THIS:

found here

Into an adult size.

Yes, I want a viking raw chicken hat. Badly.

On a marginally-more-sane front, I seem to have invented a new word. While commenting on Marlene's terrible sock tragedy (go check out the amazing service she got from Elann!) I made a typo. Being anal enough to go back and correct COMMENTS, I discovered it, and mentioned that my typing was as full of typos as my knitting was of knittos.

Yes. Now, rather than referring to mistakes as screaming, mind-numbing, life-threatening, humiliating disasters, you may refer to them by the more benign term "knittos". Use it at will.

You're welcome.

Would you believe I'm seriously considering this? We have a client (and good friend) who owns a rotisserie restaurant and his birthday is this month.

OMG, I'll keep you posted.
Yes, it is especially anal to come back and correct your typeo's when the "alternate word" fits anyway. GOOD/GOLD eh? With Elann it's just a matter of degrees of goodness isn't it?
OMG, that hat is to die for! Just on the right side of tacky to make me want to knit it, just to knit it.
Oh, if you get that pattern translated, we could have a Raw Viking Chicken Hat Knitalong. I'd definitely be up for that one.

Sorry about all that domestic angst. I know a great lawyer, but you'll have to move to the States...
Mine! MINNNEEE! I will gladly pay for a copy of an adult pattern. What does this say about me? My children will never speak to me again.
I'm in. Let me know how much and who to pay. This is a must have.
Well, I see the appeal of the hat. On the other hand, perhaps the disputing in the previous entry is really getting to you. Perhaps you might wish instead to make the hat for one of the disputers. Call it a turkey hat.

Please post a picture if anyone ever wears the hat.

Gah. Now I'm thinking about "asshats".

My brother just asked me to make him a hat because he has to shave his head for a play he's in... I told him I'd make him that, in a more masculine beige.

OMG I love it.
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