Monday, February 21, 2005


My Fate is Sealed

Alas, dear readers, it would seem that my doom is impending, which sort of sucks as I was having a good (for me) hair day, too.

I had also just discovered the very spiffy fact that I look almost identical to my grandmother -- a woman who passed away about twenty-five years before I was born.

But it would seem that because of my excessive slackage, my ugly dishcloths, my fear of cabling and the fact that everyone likes me more than they like her, Rebecca is planning on flying to British Columbia and, allegedly, ramming a cabling needle through my nose.

I don't think it would be all that attractive.

Do you?

oh, Rabbitch, you look kinda cute with you cable needle moustache...and you and you sure are channelling grandma.
*snicker-giggle* I think it's most becoiming!
Y'know, for a fee, I could hunt Rebecca down and keep her from coming to your neck of the woods. All I have to do is look for someone wandering the streets of Atlanta in their jammies!
Oh see, now you've got people hunting me down, and you've got me so turned on with that cable needle mustache I'm all atwitter, I can't even defend myself!
you know, i actually HAVE a pierced septum... but i NEVER thought of putting a small gauge cable needle through there! you've given me a future photo shoot idea ;) haha.
that is an uncanny resemblance. want to know what i love about that picture of your grandma? she's got a little snarky smirk on her face.
Ok, you’re going to think that this is stupid, or that I’m nuts, or maybe a tad of both. I love your face because you have one of those pretty, classic faces that could have existed in days of yore. Do you know what I mean? Often when I’m watching a time-period movie, some of the people just don’t look right. You would look perfect. Seeing your grandmother’s picture, it makes perfect sense. You have old-timey good looks! And I mean it as a compliment, it’s a good thing. I have a neighbor who looks straight out of the thirties, even when she’s in jeans and a t-shirt.

I'll back away now as you glare at me like I'm a complete freak.
Wow, you DO look JUST like your grandma! And with that snarky smirk on her face, I bet you have identical personalities too.

I wonder if she swore like a trooper?
The cable through the nose for knitters could be akin to the natives who put plates in their lips. You could be starting a new trend! Lo, the Cable Septum.
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