Sunday, February 20, 2005


The Most Colossal Bitch From Hell

Yes, according to Rebecca, that is my new title.

Just because I tagged her for a meme. And just because she is jealous of my amazing dishcloth-knitting ability. Observe, the latest dishcloth, finished last night:

Isn't it beauteous? Luxurious? An affront to all non-colour-blind people everywhere?

Yes, indeedie. Jealous. She is clearly jealous of the fact that I finished this in just two days, despite my horrendous injury:

(Look closely. It was worse yesterday. Honest.)

Jealous of the fact that some months I can earn up to THIRTY DOLLARS (Canadian) with my amazing skills.

And, most of all, jealous of my sheepie jammies:

in which I spent nearly all of Saturday.

Be kind to her, people. How could she not be jealous?

I'll bet you are, too.

Enormosly!! :D
I wish I had spent my Saturday like you had. I spent mine where? At the g**d*** hockey rink!

Lost one, tied one.

Hey, I'm learning, there is actually a pic on my blog now.
My sheepie pajama pants are waiting for the national holiday tomorrow. I vowed to not desert them tomorrow...can't wait...counting the seconds.
I love spending the day in my jammiea! definitely my favorite clothing. If only it were socially acceptable to leave the house in them!
i spent most of saturday in my jammies, but not because i was lazy. i had the flu, boohoo. how did you get such an egregious wound? nice dishcloth, btw.
I am positively green with envy from the dishcloth to the jammies...the boo boo...not so much. :0)
Yes, I am jealous - I want sheepie pjs' too!!!!!

And I have never knit a dishcloth or sold anything.

Not fair - hmm, I am in BC, so maybe I will join Rebbeca when she comes!!!
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