Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Meeting Expectations

I hate meetings. I hate meetings with a passion. I think just about the biggest time-waster in the universe is the "meeting".

I spent the day in meetings today. Being a peon, I actually have to pay attention during these meetings and can't even knit, seeing I'm the one who takes the minutes.

The first meeting of the day was actually a very good one, however it started a little earlier than I like to have to function (as in before noon). Fortunately there were buckets of coffee available. By 2pm and the end of the second meeting I hadn't had lunch, or any sort of a break, and had turned into a complete and utter twat.

Twatzilla, in fact.

I wasn't an awful lot of use for the rest of the day.

You may not find it particularly surprising, then, to discover that when my husband came home and started telling me about some obscure scientific shit about an invisible universe, that I pulled a full-fledged Basil Fawlty and started ranting "That's not a fucking invisible universe, you gormless Welsh TIT! It's a fucking BIG BLANK SPACE in the fucking SKY!"

I hope Professor Davies will be able to forgive me at some point.

There are, however, some paths upon which even I have not yet trod. Trodden. Walked. (Damn I hate when I try to sound high-falutin' and get too lazy to look it up.) For instance, I have never told a young man that unless he gave me his lunch money, I would circumsize him with a garden rake.

I have never used an innocent knitting magazine as a vehicle for blatant homoerotic imagery.

And I have never made a child wear a tea-cosy on his or her head in public.

I believe I can still hold my head up in polite society.

If I can ever find any.

Look at his bow! My, I never knew archery could be so hot.... Neither did they, prolly.
That last was by me. Errant and wild enter-hitting, as usual.
Clearly that child is a Mexican wrestler, just before his time.
I think a case can be made for child abuse or at lease endangering a minor - what were they thinking?!
I hate meetings so absolutely that my boss gave me a plaque that hangs in my office. On it is engraved the words:

And God so love the world, He didn't send a committee.
I love those pictures! Amazing what they put in magazines in days gone by. Makes me wonder what people will say years from now about pictures in current magazines.

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