Thursday, February 03, 2005


Masque of the Red Death

OK, I know I'm using the term "Masque" incorrectly here, so don't get all literary and jump on me about it. I'm trying to be clever, and it's amusing at least one of us.

Isn't this one of the most disturbing little pieces of art you've ever seen?

I truly could think of no other title for it.

It would seem that they let the kids at daycare make their own masks by gluing pictures cut out of magazines onto popsicle sticks. This was made, I hasten to add, by ANOTHER little girl, not mine. This other little girl is very fond of Suspect #2, and gifted her with this on her way out the door at the end of the day.

I just know I'm going to wake up at 4am to find it gnawing on my jugular.

On a sprightlier note, I have spoken with the brilliant creator of The Viking Chicken Hat and she says that as the pattern is open licence, anyone is free to write a conversion. All she asks is that the person share their notes with her.

So ... anyone clever enough to convert this? And then anyone else insane enough to join in a Viking-Chicken-Hat-A-Long?

Sure. I knew you would.

Buncha freaks.

I doubt I'm clever enough to convert it, but I'd sure as hell join the knitalong. I need a Viking Naked Chicked Hat. Badly. Or is that Naked Viking Chicken? Well, anyhow, I need one.
I'd definitely be up for a knit along...and I'm trying to convert it to adult sizing as we speak. Trial and error...

Darra (
I'm not nearly clever enough to convert it, but I sure would knit it!

Oh, and how's this for superpowers of observation. I just noticed that in your left sidebar you have the phrase "Add me to your LITS" abouve your button. Is this deliberate? And why did it take me so long to notice it?
If someone else goes to all the work of figuring out a conversion for that one, I might just have to join the knit-a-long. It would be the most dumb-ass thing I have ever knit.

I wonder if I could get my mom to wear it? She sounds like a clucking chicken when you really get her laughing.

(I know you are sitting there now, fake-laughing like a fool trying to figure out what kind of laugh would sound like a clucking chicken).
count me in!
Yes, La, add me to your LITS was deliberate. I'm an old usenet junkie and some habits die hard.

As for the reason you took so long to notice it, I assume it's because you just don't care.

ok, i'm in. BOTH my sons (ages 10 1/2 and 12 1/2) think this hat is brilliant, and have put their orders in. lemme know when we get a conversion.
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