Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Gung Hay Cat Choy

OK, I'm a couple days late, and this is a dreadfully lame post, but it's the best I could come up with.

I'm sick as a dog. Or a cat in an embroidered Chinese vest that my daughter thought would work like a horse blanket ...

Back to bed for this little rabbitch.

Singing "there's a cat in the kettle at the peking moon. . . . "
sorry old joke. i understand lame posts, do em myself.
Love the song. Poor kitty does not look pleased. She's so adorable. Go to bed for a couple days and take care of yourself! Leave the poor kitty alone! Have a beer and some Nyquil, drowsy don't even begin to describe it!
Sorry, forgot to leave my name.
I'l have your cat if you don't what it !! poor thing i used to dress my cat up aswell hehe, ( she didn't like it either )hoep ya feeling better soon * hugs*
Bitch moan whine wah wah wah. You're just too fucking lazy to knit another dishcloth. We know your wily ways.
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