Monday, February 28, 2005


Further Giftage

Most recently in this merry round of material celebration, last week I received, along with the mohair blend and the cotton, a gift from Rebecca

Noro Silk Garden. Enough for a multidirectional scarf. I don't happen to LIKE the multidirectional scarf and will do something else with this, but there's enough for that should I feel the urge.

There is not, however, enough to make this monstrosity:

This is one of the featured ensembles of the second part of the package she sent: Botany College Hand Knits for Men and Women. I'm pretty sure that one's intended for a woman. The inside of the cover says "copyright 1958" but I don't think the book is quite that old.

It's certainly hardly anything recent. I love it quite madly and had I the time or the talent, I would make this and send it to her as a "thank you". What rising young executive waltzing around Washington, DC, would not leap at the opportunity to wear such an outfit?

Hopping back to the first picture, you may observe some feet lurking under the desk. Keep an eye on those feet. You'll be seeing them later.

Whilst Miz Rebecca is shaking her pantieless, Jones-of-New-York-encased booty all around your nation's capital in an attempt to recover from the contumely heaped upon her in her last job, she has asked me to fill in with a little guest blogging.

Watch for the feet over yonder in a day or so; they're going to feature fairly prominently in this week's theme.

Right after my first post, of course. I think I'm going to go for "Deconstruction of Dishcloth Design".

Ya think?

Why, I'd feel just like Ethel Merman in just such a sweater! I'd belt out a tune in the middle of the Federal government entity in which I work!
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