Wednesday, February 09, 2005


From the Office of W.T. Fuck

That seems to be Norma's new epithet of choice, and I must say I approve. I think I may have notepaper embossed with that.


And what, you may well ask, has caused this sudden great need for innovative profanity? Ah, I'm so glad you asked. (Yes, I know you didn't. Sit down and shut up, this is my rant.

It is not yet a drunken rant, but be warned: there is beer in the fridge and I'm not afraid to use it.

I received an email from a friend of mine the other day, asking what I was "going to do about the 14th". I emailed back and said that I would probably keep it right where it was, tidily situated between the 13th and 15th as, based on empirical evidence, this worked best for all concerned; however, what did she have in mind?

She then revealed to me that our daycare has a PD (Professional Development) day on the 14th.

By the way, do all daycares have PD days? I mean, I knew to expect this when my daughter goes to public school but it seems a bit much for daycare. But I digress.

She then asked that, if He Who Is Now Employed was going to be home, would he watch her two kids plus mine. I said that if he couldn't watch them, I certainly would, as three kids are easier than one. (No, really, you just toss them in a room and let them kill each other with pointy sticks for most of the time, opening the door now and then to toss in pitchers of kool-aid and the occasional peanut butter sandwich and first aid kit.)

Seeing Ben is working, I asked for the day off (as he can't really ask for vacation time on the third day of his new employment, brazen though he be). I have oh, five, six weeks of vacation time in my bank right now I think, so taking a vacation day wouldn't be a big dealie, however I was a little miffed at having to do so.

I am a union member, and although I'm not much into leaping about campus singing "Solidarity Forever" I am aware of the fact that in my collective agreement is an allowance for four days a year of "family responsibility leave to be used for the care, education or health needs of the employee's immediate family" or some such jargon. Now, the daycare is actually run by the place where I work (although I get no price break for this) and so I sort of thought ... hmm, if my WORKSITE is refusing me access to childcare for which I pay, they can hardly object to giving me family responsibility leave to stay home and care for the child for whom they are refusing to care themselves. (Yes, that was one of the most convoluted sentences I have ever written.) That is, unless they think that giving a four year old a bag of Doritos and the remote and then going out for eight hours is reasonable.

It would seem that the Doritos solution works well for them, and they turned down my request. I'm pretty sure that they've granted it for just the same reason in the past, however I don't have three-year-old timesheets with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, so I have no way of proving it.

The supervisor from one of my casual jobs had phoned me early this morning with the news that a .75 time position (four days a week) was coming up in either March or April and asked whether or not I was still interested in it. She says I would be the only one who both wanted it and had the training and qualifications. I hemmed and hawed and said "probably".

After this afternoon? Fuck probably. It would mean I didn't have to mess with childcare much at all and could be with my kid during her kindergarten year, while still making enough money to survive (as long as Himself keeps working). It would also mean that I would have three days off during the week. Days upon which I could learn to spin and dye and all of those fun things I long for.

The day that job is posted is the day they get my application.

Good god, I need a chicken hat badly, right about now. Anyone had any success converting it to an adult pattern yet?


Wow, hang in there girl! any chance of turning in the application before they post it!? good luck!
Good God, that's insane!

What's the grievance procedure?

Cause this is grevious.
fuckwits. you should have just called in sick.
I betcha you didn't get the day off because some "higher up" also has their child in that daycare and (seeing as the daycare will be CLOSED) has requested having the day off. Everyone with a child in that daycare has probably requested that particular day off....or will call in sick. How many kids are at that daycare? and of those, how many have parents who work there? do the math......and then forward it to the dickwitt that came up with "Professional Day" for a company daycare. *duh*'re going to call in sick anyway because there's no alternative, right? It's a fine sort of assholery when they tell you that you can't take care of your own kid.
I'd like to use a new word I've recently added to my vocabulary. Your boss is a dillhole.
Ok. Here's what you do. Round up all the kids. Take them to the boss' house and throw them in. WITH the kool-aide, pointy sticks, and Doritos. Go home and hang out with the beer.
W.T. Fuck stationery!!! What a great idea! ROFL.

That is one fucked-up ruling on your day care situation. What is up with that, except maybe to help you decide to go for the 3/4-time position. Geesh.

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