Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Enough Foolishness!

Well, no, there's never REALLY enough foolishness.

Today's foolishness is the latest Google search string that led someone to this blog: "antoinette-dingdong photos".

Not only was I unaware that I had ever used this combination of words on my blog, but I was unaware that anyone would SEARCH for anything this odd. I wonder what they were looking for. I wonder if they found it.

Enquiring minds want to know.

But, strange searches aside, the foolishness to which I was referring was my argument with Rebecca. She wins. Hands down. She is the Knitting Queen and I, I am the Dishcloth Drab.

There, I admitted it. I'll be taking donations towards the therapy sessions.

The reason for my sudden and uncharacteristic capitulation is the fact that I am all in a frenzy over a recent development in my life. Today I seem to have managed to scoop a fleece. An entire fleece. A FREE fleece.

Or two.

Now, as many of you know (and as the rest of you are about to find out), I would love dearly to learn to spin. I have not yet had the time to do so, or the wherewithal to purchase carding combs and a spindle (or, my dream, a wheel).

So why, you may well ask, am I considering taking on a project as monumental as cleaning, carding and spinning an entire fleece?

Well, for one, it's free.

For another, I welcome a challenge.

I don't know yet what sort of quality this fleece is, or what kind of sheep it will come from, but one of the men at work has a farm and raises sheep and border collies. He didn't say WHY exactly he raises sheep, but he muttered something about them "not being wool sheep" which, to my keen mind, means that they either are for eating or work at an escort service.

I don't need to know which.

Anyhow, he gives these fleeces away, seeing it's not his main reason for raising sheep, and he will be happy to let me have some.

As soon as I find out what kind of sheep and if the wool is a) spinnable and b) worth having, I shall report back.

In the meantime, I'm breathless.

But not speechless. Duh.

I think your loyal readers need to know if he's raising these sheep for an escort service. Especially if he's doing so. And show pictures.

In the TMI category, my great-grandfather was especially fond of the sheep. I have documentation.
The sheep are probably kept as pets for the dogs. Borders are notorious herders and unless the owners give them sheep, they will herd anything: cats, children, your neighbors, squirrels and even worse, you.

Just a thought.
It is possible to card with "slicker brushes" (from the pet store--designed for brushing collies and sheepdogs and other matting furry canines).

(Cheaper than a carder, though harder to work with.)

"not raised for wool" means the sheep weren't wearing coats. You get to pick out all the sheep shit and hay! Won't this be fun?
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