Sunday, February 13, 2005


Cotton-Eyed Josephine

I was trying to clear this hole that I call home today, and found this:

Yes, nestled in the top drawer of my "stash cabinet" (one of many) was another 400 gram ball of variegated cotton. About 8 balls' worth.

Fine, I thought. Just fine. I'll post this and then we'll all have a great big chuckle and go on about our business, si?

And then, dear dog, I found this:

Another 47 balls of cotton in pinks and écru and cream and all of that.

Jesus gay (to quote Juno). I have 175 balls of cotton that I'm ADMITTING to, and I found more in the store room today, too.

I'm pretty sure this is some sort of illness.

Speaking of illness, the bronchitis is just sort of lurking; nothing really horrible has come of it. I think it may have just been weariness, but I crashed HARD for 10 hours on Saturday (didn't even hear the phone, and I'm the sort who wakes up if a butterfly farts outside my window) and then slept another five or six hours today. I think I'll make it.

On a stash-busting front (and I'm thinking of upping that item total to 200 before I even count the balls of yarn I have here!) I started on the Hallowig from Knitty in purple.

I hate it. I hate most of Knitty's stuff, which is why I'm not linking here (I always think it's crass to link if you're dissing someone) but I have a friend who just had cancer surgery, (yeah, the lady I made the boob for) and she liked this when she saw it and asked for one. I'm thinking of decorating it with some bizarre pansies I have in one of my Jean Greenhowe books if I ever find the patience to make something that fiddly.

And if I have enough yarn.

Oh, my, good, lord!

And I thought I was bad!
Damn, you can knit a lot of dishclothes with that cotton.
It is quite obvious that you thought a worldwide dishcloth shortage was coming up and that you, Rabbitch, would single handidly knit dishcloths for every person in the world......profiting immensely from your foresight.

Better luck next time.
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