Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Appeal to Various Deities

If anyone out there has a deity with whom they are in regular consultation, if they would be kind enough to put in a word for my small family today, I would be most grateful.

He Who Fears the Confines of the Doghouse has been applying for a bunch of jobs lately and he has two interviews tomorrow. He also got a call from a place that, quite frankly, pretty much offered him the perfect job over the phone.

After the two interviews he'll be calling that one back again. It's part time (so he could continue with his studies) and it pays well enough that he would make more than he would likely get doing full-time at either of the other two.

And it would cover the shortfall in our finances to the extent that I could turn down the insane double shifts, get the car back on the road, pay down a few debts and ... this is the important part ... get me some carding combs.

And maybe stop looking like I'm in my mid-50s at the age of 43. Worry ain't so good for the complexion.

I'll pray to all the deities - I'm an equal opportunity prayer.

I have everything crossed. Hopefully it won't hurt ya'll's chances when I go to the bathroom!
I pray too. That he gets the job. Or gets hit by a truck and you find out there was a bazillion dollar insurance policy.
Oh wait thats mean. Ok. I want him to die of a stroke before he gets hit by a truck so that he doesnt feel anything. Love you!
Fingers crossed for you.
I hope it goes well.

For what it's worth, I've figured out that it would have been less expensive to hire a hitman than a divorce lawyer.
Good luck.Good luck.Good luck !
Things can only get better,and all that.

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