Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Tsunami Relief

Well, I've been sitting here trying to think of how I can help the folks who have lost everything. I can't do a lot financially; we're in dire straits right now, what with a sick car, a garnishment by our friends at Revenue Canada and a backlog of unpaid daycare bills ... in fact I've been getting all Jesus and wearing sandals without socks even when it's frosty, so the cash is obviously in sort of short supply.

It's not hopless (hop!), the garnishment should be stayed once I send in proof of my evil finances and I have a great mechanic who works for far less than he should be getting (don't tell him!), and I found my boots so my tootsies won't freeze, and my kid is too cute to be evicted from daycare, but still ...

Anyhow, I had an epiphany. Or an idea at least. I have to make 100 things before I can buy more yarn. (I also have to make more money before I can buy more yarn but that's beside the point.) Many of the things that I am making are dishcloths because I have a plethora of cotton from the days when Save On Foods was getting out of the yarn business and was selling them for like 57 cents a ball. That's 47 cents for those of you playing with real money (USD). They're fast, they're easy, they're popular. They're also in demand at all three of my jobs. I've given a lot away but I've also been able to sell quite a few at $3 a pop.

So ... I'm a-gonna make dishcloths all month until my little paws fall off and sell 'em at work, donating all of the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. I figure if I make like even 33, that's $100 and according to The Yarn Harlot the Canadian gummint is matching donations to that worthy cause.

She's having a fantastic contest, btw, and seeing everyone (but two) of the people who read this are more than capable of making their own dishcloths, you might want to toddle over to her blog and join in. If you make a donation to Doctors Without Borders and then email her about it, she'll add you to a drawing for some fantastic Latvian Mittens. If you've seen her work, you'll know that they are a heck of a lot more desirable than my loppy cotton dishcloths.

As I am not donating any of MY money at this point, but merely making people give me THEIR money so I can donate it and make myself feel better, I'm not going to be rude enough to toss my name in the hat. If anyone is wack enough to want to be in her contest AND have a skanky Rabbitch-knit dishcloth, though, send me a note that you've donated and an address and a wonky lopsided dishcloth will be yours!

OK, I feel better now.

Hey, if you are going to all that work to procure $3 donations (that you could pocket for yourself in your time of need) then I think you deserve to place your name in Yarn Harlot's contest. Go for it girl! You are not donating other people's money. They are paying for a wanted product and YOU are donating YOUR hard earned knitting wages.
Gotta agree with Marlene. And you live where it's COLD.....those mittens would look reallly spiffy on you. - Sandy
Pfft. I'd lose 'em. There are far more deserving folks out there.
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