Saturday, January 01, 2005



Happy New Year everyone! I got part way through my "Quick Knit" scarf and it was commandeered by Her Miniscule Majesty. The bad thing is that I don't have a new scarf. The good thing is that this was finished in half of the estimated time, due to the diminished length.


Hard to see the colours here. Trust me, it's pretty.

I worked the graveyard shift last night and spent half the night reading about the tsunami and crying and the other half of the night trying to help people find their loved ones who had gone missing right here in Vancouver.

It was a rough night. I was glad to have some beauty.

And now, on to the next ... DISHCLOTH! *cackle* (or maybe I'll tackle cables one day soon ...)

Nice #3! Don't you love it when your stuff gets snagged by a happy and grateful wearer?
Yay for #3! I have the opposite problem! I tend to hang on to most of the stuff I make for the simple reason that I like the stuff too much and can't bear to part with it. Yet one more reason to start having kids? :)

Thanks for the tips on the dish/facecloths! I'm gonna check it out pronto.
Truthfully, after yet another almost-sleepless night (3 hours) and then an awakening to a house in which the only working person is also the only person to have raised a finger to wash even one glass in the entire month we've lived here, I can't think of a single reason why any sane person would have either a spouse or a child! But I hope you find a good home for your dishcloths.
I took a week off in early December. Spent many waking minutes cleaning from stem to stern and port to starboard.

Other half takes a week (last) off from work.

Well, he read a lot of books. . .
I'm taking this Friday off, kids back in school, make the dh go to work. I'm going to cleaning and only two loads of laundry! It's funny, people ask how Christmas was - I say hectic and the dh looks at me as if I'm from another planet. He says it was relaxing. Go figure.
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