Wednesday, January 26, 2005


One of Those Days

Today was one of those days. The kind of day that starts off poorly and soon falls away. The kind of day when people should stay the fuck out of my face.

Yes. One of those.

The highlight of the day at work was when one of our faculty decided that it would be ok to slap me on the ass. It was in jest, it was in passing, it was with either a handful of paper or a file folder. It was taken poorly and the man got yelled at across the hall that if he tried that shit again we would be down at the Sexual Harassment Advisor's office.

He apologized profusely, however this doesn't alter the fact that he had so little respect for me that he would do this.

The worst part was that being a South Park fan, all I could think of afterwards was The Sexual Harassment Panda. This somehow made it worse, as it's almost impossible to retain your dignity and keep a good mad going while giggling like a loon. Fortunately my abuser had left the building before the giggling commenced.

I then went to class, did miserably (fortunately the exam isn't until Monday) and then came home to find that the useless lump to whom I am bonded in hellish matrimony had decided that it would be all right to feed my daughter Doritos for dinner instead of food.

Oh yes, and he forgot to do the laundry.

Needless to say, my list of Those Who Will Be Up Against The Wall, Come The Revolution (or next Tuesday) is getting longer.

There was, however, one ray of light on my miserable horizon. This light was cast by the fact that I won some beautiful yarn over at Ch├ęz Harlot.

I won three balls of "Moonlight Mohair" from the wonderful people over at Lion Brand Yarns. The prize offered was in "Tundra" but when they wrote to ask my shipping info they asked if I would like a different colour, so I chose "Rainbow Falls" instead.

I mean how cool is that?

So I have decided that in honour of this magnificent giftage, I shall spare the lives of three of the people on The List. One for each ball of yarn.

Pray that your name is one of the ones being erased.

I also managed to experience some knitting, which went a ways toward alleviating my fury. Behold:

Yes, a scarf, or at least the start of one, made in my yummy birthday yarn. I should be finished it in a day or two and get it to the designated recipient.

In the meantime, I'm gonna be sharpening my pointy sticks ...

How could such a horrid day come so close on the heels of a wonderful day? #cue Frank Sinatra#: "That's life. That's what they say. You're riding high in April, shot down in May."

Okay, so, are you going to sue his sorry ass or not?

I am staying tuned. . .
Now, the party of the first panda can sue the party of the second panda if the first panda puts his willy in the second panda's ear. Have I got that right?

I'm concerned about this dietary thing. Is it not OK to raise your children on Doritos and Pepsi? I mean, I can easily understand forbidding Coke. But I believe Doritos, as long as you serve them with Pepsi, are part of a balanced diet. AAARRRRGGGGHHH! This man of yours reminds me of someone I once divorced. Good luck with that.
Could be worse. Could be Cheetos. That's what I am up against. But look on the bright side - "forgot to do the laundry" implies that, in theory anyway, he sometimes does laundry.
So am I to understand that you are making a gift for SOMEONE ELSE with the yarn that you bought for/on your birthday?! The yarn/present that Mister Forgot-to-do the-laundry-and-feeds-Doritos-to daughter didn't bother to buy and wrap for you. Whatup with that anyway?
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