Friday, January 14, 2005


Note To Child

Putting lip gloss on the cat's back, even if it's grape-flavoured lip gloss, will not help her skin condition.

And the sparkles just make her look cheap.


Good intentions (everyone should look pretty). Bad veterinary training. What the hell are they teaching children in daycare these days anyhow?

I have discovered that there seem to be a lot of knitbloggers up in my neck of the woods, which brings me joy through my ridiculous dental pain. Apart from the previously-mentioned Marlene, and of course Knitting and Beer I have discovered Fidgety Budgie. Or perhaps she has discovered me. Either way.

There are two or three more that I know of and if I could just frigging well THINK I would add them. I think I'm gonna get me a Vancouver Knitbloggers' list on my sidebar once I get my face in order.

Next thing you know, kitty will be rummaging through your stash of false eyelashes! Come on, you know you've got one! ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon and that Timothy Tooth stops bitching. Going to the dentist IS the worst! No wonder they've got that suicide rate.
I wish I were in Vancouver - gimme 6 months! I'm in Puget Sound though - does that count?! Now i'm going to see what my cats think of lip gloss. No sparkles of course.

When you get to Vancouver, drop me a line. We can go out and drink either beer or coffee and do some knitting in public and make a spectacle of ourselves. And such.

Either that or you can bring your cat over for a play date and we can lock the two of them in the bathroom with my makeup ...
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