Thursday, January 20, 2005


A Mystery

The crime:

The first suspect:

The second suspect:

Please note that Suspect #2 is wearing the scarf she stole from me as a belt.

Clearly, I have a house full of criminals. There may even be some sort of conspiracy going on here.

I'm a-feared.

Be afeared... be very afeared!

Happy early birthday!
Suspect #2 seems especially wily with that smile that could melt the toughest investigator. Don't know how you're going to solve this one.

Good luck!
Hippy Bathday!

My gosh, Suspect #2 is growing up so quickly. She's amazingly beautiful (for a potential criminal).

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Anonymous and Affin. (Affin? Do I know who you are?)

And Carmel, I think I've solved the mystery. Both of the suspects look so innocent ... it's gotta be someone breaking in, bending the blinds and then running away ...
Affin -- just figured out who you are. Please forgive me. I'm elderly and my mind is going.

It was a conspiracy I tell ya! Look in those eyes. One is a green-eyed devil (surely the leader) the other is tryna look overly obvious sign of guilt.
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