Monday, January 24, 2005



This ~is~ supposed to be a knit blog, after all. Isn't it? Sort of?

First, for your viewing pleasure, proof that I've been doing things other than dishcloths. Viola, as the French say. Half of Sophie. I'm assuming I'll get her finished and felted some time this year.

Next, my stupid, stupid friend tells me that she has gotten herself pregnant yet again. Actually no, what makes it even worse is that SHE did not get herself pregnant again. Her stupid, stupid boyfriend did.

The stupid boyfriend she's known for three months and lived with for about two and a half months ...

Anyhow, despite their intense stupidness (they're happy about the event, I'm the only one who thinks that they're complete ASSES) I am going to make something for the baby. I would like to make the following, with a matching pair of pants:

It may well be safer to assume I'm going to make a repeat of this, seeing I already know how to do it.

Who wants to bet I'm gonna try to get adventurous?

I'm guessing you'll go the safe route.....but I'd love to be proven WRONG here. Dammit Rabbitch do the friggin cables! What's your worst case scenerio? You might not be able to do it (I doubt that!) and you would have to frog the attempt and do the plain one. Big deal.
Oh, you should definitely try the cables. You're adventurous! Besides, they're definitely not as difficult as they look. As Dory the fish would say, "Just keep knitting, just keep knitting." (Egad, but I've seen that movie too many times with the eight year old when I start offering its dubious wisdom to my friends.)
Go for it!

Or cast on for a giant dishcloth and make a blankie!

Ann, ducking for cover
This first option is, admittedly, tempting in terms of the "OHHHH" factor when you give it away. But the second one is equally attractive. So much so that I want the source. Where can I find the pattern?

AKA Nancy C.
The pattern is from I think it's "Baby's First Sweater". Thank you for the compliment -- it's the first one I ever completed.
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