Saturday, January 15, 2005


Happy Freakin' Birthday

Please, if you will, allow me a brief whine.

My birthday is January 21st. That's next Friday for anyone who doesn't do math. There is still time to mail me a present, please email me for the address.

My parental units are performers. No, not trained monkeys. At this point I would prefer that. Anyhow, because of this they have never been available on my birthday. I've been known to "celebrate" on January 12, some time in February or even into March.

They're older now and don't have as many engagements, however I'm now very busy myself, and will be working a graveyard shift on both the 21st and 22nd.

We chose tonight to go out to dinner. My parents, after rejecting several places I like eating and suggesting several that make me want to gouge my own eyes out rather than have to eat there ever again, agreed that we would all go out for fish and chips. This was not quite the steak, glass of wine, liddle music scenario I had hoped for but fine, it meant my daughter could come with us.

My mother called at 2pm to see if we could go earlier (no, Mother, I do not eat before 5pm. I seldom eat before 8) and then finally called to cancel, 28 minutes before they were due to pick us up, because of "the snow".

Here is a picture of my front yard. Yes, it is dark. Observe the amount of snow falling. Can't see any? Yeah. Me either.

But allegedly the voices told her (to be fair, she was either listening to the radio or watching TV, but it's funnier to just call them "the voices") that there would be two to four inches of snow tonight, and she wanted to avoid getting stranded.

It is now an hour past when we were supposed to go out. Not one flake of snow has yet fallen. And now, at the advanced age of almost-43, I get to feel like the little kid who doesn't get a birthday.


Sorry about the lousy bday celebration - the 21st will be better. I celebrated my 43rd in Dec and my mother forgot mine - but at 83 she forgets everything these days. Happy Birthday.
Oh, it's not that big a thingie, I'm just a little sensitive about being "inconvenient". My parents get more selfish as they get older, which is actually difficult to believe.

Pfft. Just gonna knit me a Sophie bag and get over the pity party.
That sucks!

But, it was expected, no? At least in the back of your mind?

Still sucks!
I have the same luck with my birthdays usually too. Depressing! But I'll party with ya baby!! P.S. My oldest has the same birthday as you. *hugs*
email me your address. present on the way. might be a suck ass american present, but hey, what can you expect?
Actually it wasn't expected at all. They've never actually completely jammed out on me before. What the hell, Ben went shopping and we made a big dinner of chicken roll-ups with home-made tzatziki and such and then I got about 1/3 of Sophie knitted. And to be fair, it ~did~ snow later on, for an hour or so ...
Itgirl, you are terribly sweet, but there is no need to mail anything, as I am coming to your house to kill your boss and your mother in the very near future, so I can pick it up then!
Assholes. Fucktards. There is NO excuse and all pity fully justified.
Send me your address, por favor.
You must have something to balance the scales.

And now I'm all embarrassed 'cause it looks like I was trolling for presents. I like ordering people about; I'm not used to them obeying me. This may go to my head ...

I think on Friday at work I'm not going to do sweet fuck-all for anyone unless they're wearing a party hat.

Worship my evilness. And such.
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