Thursday, January 20, 2005


Goat Cheese Bastardy

Ok, I'll admit I'm a ho for stats. Statcounter is my friend.

I do this bloggery thing for me, but it's always nice to know folks are listening.

One of the fun features of Statcounter is that you can see what word strings people enter into various search engines to find your blog. The usual searches involve "rabbitch", various knitting searches and, for some obscure reason, "skinnychicks". Today I find that I got a hit for "Goat Cheese Bastardy".

I was unaware that I had used these three words in a post at any point, however it's not particularly unusual that in my ravings such a combination should occur.

I don't know whether I should be worried or heartened that there is someone out there searching for it ...

Oh, I do love the amusing Google hits. In fact, you should see some of the weird Hello Kitty hits I'm getting since I posted a picture of that toaster. Of course, a mention of the Hello Kitty vibrator in the comments section really brought out the whackadoos.
My all time favorite search string has been "mud boogers and women." Sick fuckers.
Heh. I was looking for a Hello Kitty vibrator (it was for a friend, for a "special" Christmas gift for a narcoleptic creep she works with, honest) when I managed to get me a really fun computer virus.

Didn't even get to see any good pr0n, either. Feh.
Somebody found my blog by searching for random nudity!
Another BC knitter,
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