Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Gimme That Thang

I'm pretty sure not this thang.




maybe it's not THAT bad

Well ...


Actually ...

middle-aged rasta style


kill me now

A friend sent me this hat. I think for Christmas. I'm not sure.

I had always assumed that she liked me but now it's sort of hard to tell. I think she might have made it herself, so I can't really ask her if it's a joke. The colours are beautiful, the yarn is incredibly warm, but, as you can see, the fit is somewhat ... inaccurate.

So, do I hope I can felt it? Only wear it when I go out at night and it's ten below or colder? Give it to the cat?


That gave me a good giggle. Does it fit your teapot? ;)

I saw her online and thanked her for it. It turns out she did make it herself. It was made in deference to my nationality.

I never knew all Scots were utter gowks. Oh god, if only I HAD A teapot that big ...
HA! You just got my morning off with a laugh and I thank you. Good stuff. Maybe not so good hat. Are you planning on growing dreadlocks in the near future? That might help.

You could keep warm a tiny nation under that thing. New source of family revenue, mayhaps?

Otherwise maybe you need a van...down by the river.
OMG!!! *tear* LMAO!!! Can...barely...type! So funny! Thank you!

We all need a little humor right about now. I knew I could count on you! :P
Can it be felted? I honestly like the Rasta style :)

You are a very brave woman.
The good thing about being over 40, grrl, is that some days looking like a dork is the best you can do. And most of the time you're pretty proud of it, too!
I see a cat bed there. Definitely.
Is it rude to tell you I actually laughed out loud? If you are planning a bank heist, it might come in handy. Anyone viewing the videotape will be so busy howling with laughter, they will forget to identify you.

It would actually be very polite to tell me you laughed out loud, thank you, although I think you've pretty much blown the cover on my plans for the weekend ...
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