Friday, January 07, 2005


Four Things

Well, I've sold four dishcloths, AND I've finished one of them, which makes four FOs ... another 96 to go and I can buy more yarn! (and another $3 for Doctors Without Borders. $6 if you count the matching donation from the government).

I sorted a bunch of stuff tonight in preparation for one of the 800 lovely little old ladies who are helping me with this charity blanket thingie coming over tomorrow night to pick up squares to sew together (she says she'll take enough squares for three blankets -- I love these ladies!) and I'm beginning to suspect that I will in fact have to make more than 100 "things", or at least some more substantial things than dishcloths before I can justify any more purchases. A lot of the yarn I have here is donated stuff for Blankets and that's all going out the door sooner or later to our eager knitters, however an absolute assload of it is mine, and really, a dishcloth only takes 50 grams.


That means that a pound of cotton makes ten dishcloths (and yes, I know that I'm switching from metric to imperial. I'm Canadian. We do that if we're old). I can hardly justify using up three or four pounds of yarn out of the several hundred balls I have here (it has to be that much, I'm scared to find out the actual weight) before I buy more.

I'm sending Ann the Rowan Lambswool that I have and am going to count that as one item but really, two small skeins doesn't make that much difference, does it?

I'm gonna be on a yarn diet for the rest of the year, methinks.


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