Friday, January 28, 2005


The Eerie Canal

I survived the trip to the dentist today! To the wonderful, frabjous, eminently humpable Dr. T. who told me that I MIGHT HAVE A CLENCHING PROBLEM (no, not my butt) INSTEAD OF A DISEASED TOOTH and that WE DIDN'T HAVE TO DO A ROOT CANAL TODAY and that we could wait and see if the problem came back.

Dr. T. was in no way humpable before he told me this. However now, he da man. I shall even forgive him for freezing, burning and then thumping on various teeth (before attacking them with a steel hook) just to see if they were "sensitive". Let's see how sensitive YOUR teeth are after being whapped with a ball-peen hammer, SIR!

Gee, wonder why I'm clenching my teeth in my sleep. *insert Church Lady Mode Here* Could it beeee ... stress?

Yeah, ya think?

He Who Takes Up Too Much Room actually put the laundry in the dryer today. After I had washed it. Granted he didn't put on another load but you take what you can get. If anyone's out and about in Greater Vancouver this weekend, I'll be the chick wearing the bathtowel, seeing nothing else is clean.

Try not to stare too much, mmmkay?

Did your dentist suggest a mouth gaurd? I clench my jaws (and I'm pretty much stress free!) to the point where I have Temporal Mandibular Syndrome (sore jaw muscles and headaches). An orthandontist made a mouth gaurd for me and it does help. I still clench, but it protects my teeth and provides some 'give' to the bite.
He did suggest a mouth guard, but I've actually bitten right ~through~ two of those, believe it or not. Yes, I know how hard they are.

I'm trying the de-stressing thingie first. This is an externally-caused problem ... I've had it before (in 1996, right before my first divorce, hmm ...)
Definitely stress. I grind mine when stressed, but my better living through chemicals experience says a xanax before bed does the trick, valium's even better. wahaha! Maybe if you tell the dentist it's the Waste of Skin's fault he'll write you an rx?
Too bad you live such a long way away. I am pretty sure we are somehow related if only by membership in the League of Fierce Women. Enjoyed your blog.

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