Thursday, January 27, 2005



Instead of putting my response in the comments section, I thought I'd do it here.

Ann: Nope, not gonna sue him. He thought it was ok. Now he knows it isn't, and he's avoiding invading my personal space bigtime. Some men are trainable. Some.

Snowball: It is Doritos and Dr. Pepper. I can take anything but the Dr. Pepper. And the insane dental bills. Yeah, those too. And ... well ... you know most of the list ...

Freddy: But I LIKE Cheetos! And no, he doesn't remember to do the laundry. Ever. I had just asked him to do so that day and he "forgot". For the second time this week.

Anon: I like making stuff and that yarn was never intended for me anyhow. I bought it for me to make something fun. It's the making I like, not the wearing. Besides, I'd look skanky in this. After it's done I'm gonna look for something nice to make with the Rowan Magpie I scooped off eBay. Just for me. ALL MINE.

This is the grey and the dark grey. The two skeins of lambswool are going to Ann.

This, startlingly enough, is the black. You could tell by the blackness that it was black, couldn't you?

Yeah. Me too.

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