Saturday, January 22, 2005


Birthday S.E.X.

For all of you perverts out there, S.E.X. stands for Stash Enhancement eXperience and has nothing to do with fornication. However, in the interest of remaining firmly in the land of Too Much Information, no, I didn't get lucky on my birthday. Then again, considering the state of things Ch├ęz Lapin, I'm not entirely sure how fortunate that event would actually have been.

Enough of that! On with the merriment.

My birthday itself was ... well ... ass. I got an e-card from my friend Mica and another one from someone else I love. No card from hubby, but he did take me to dinner at McDonald's! (try to contain your jealousy) and then I got to work a graveyard shift.

I bought a bunch of stuff for Eleanor (yes, I know it wasn't her birthday) and two pairs of shoes for me and then on the well-documented basis that yarn purchases Do Not Count on your birthday, I bought myself this:

The Bernat Boa is just their usual fun fur stuff, but I've never seen the "Matrix" before. It is a ladder yarn, very similar to Eros, but costing about 1/3 of the rather frightening price. I'm going to knit them together into a scarf and then give it away.

And, of course, deduct it from the "100 things" list even though the yarn wasn't included in the original inventory.

On the graveyard shift last night I completed a dishcloth (yes, I'm getting bored with them also) for a friend to whom I'm sending a care package, so I think that makes five of the "hundred things" complete now. I'll count 'em up tomorrow and make some plans.

For now, I'm running off to another graveyard shift. Don'cha just wish you were me?

Sorry to be late but-
Thank you! Send puppies! *g*
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