Sunday, January 23, 2005


100 Things

So I'm now going to start getting serious about my stash reduction. Yes, I know, buying another five balls of yarn the other night doesn't indicate any such intention but ... well ... shut up. It was my birthday and according to many people that doesn't count at all. I didn't get even a fucking e-card from my hubby; I can get yarn for a scarf.

And yes, my life IS as pathetic as it seems. Thank you for noticing.

I am now making a sincere commitment to complete One Hundred Things before I buy one more INCH of yarn. As I have an overweening yarn lust this will be difficult.

So far the items completed are:

One Green Dishcloth. Recipient: me.
One Beige Dishcloth. Recipient: B at work.
Two variegated dishcloths and one blue one: recipient B at work
one "quick knit scarf": recipient (or thief) my daughter

That makes six. Somehow I thought I'd done more but no. Six. That's it.


94 to go ...

Weep for me, darlings

You know what you need? You need a cool "Stash Busters" button for your sidebar. Lucky for you, I know just where you can get one...
So.....are finger puppets starting to look any better? How about book marks?
La: I would love a button but I don't know how to do the buttony thang on my sidebar! One more thing to learn this week. I would like to have a scrolling deelie like you do but that may be beyond me.

Marlene, quite frankly, bookmarks, belts and cat toys are looking damned fine at the moment. Scarves! Short scarves on HUGE needles! *g*
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