Sunday, December 12, 2004


You Better Not Pout

Seemingly Santa has already come to town. More accurately, to Grouse Mountain.

Very expensive, very cold. Worth every minute.

There was a reindeer also but he was camera shy. Not so my Muppet.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille

The day was made complete by the required $43 cup of hot chocolate (I may exaggerate just a tad) consumed while sitting in a snowbank.

It don't get much better than this!

Heeeeeyyyy!!!!! Where are the Christmas Bunnei Eggs???

I gotta know where you found snow! (Notthat I want any, mind you.)
Up on the mountains here. I think there's like a four foot base. Wanna come boarding with me? No, I thought not. Me either.
We thought about heading up Grouse, but couldn't afford the hot chocolate! Looks like you had fun!
Nice to see that someone is fueling the local mountains. It is worth going to though and what I like is that you don't even have to go out in the elements unless you want to. Reminds me of the seabus terminal now after you get off of the lift. Your daughter is a beauty! Enjoy you Christmas together...and your new home.
Suzanne, your fan in North Van
p.s. down with Sodexho
It's Aramark, actually, not Sodexho. Vile, vile, vile. And the staff are exceptionally rude. I'm on a crusade to oust them.
Oh my GOD she's adorable!!! ADORABLE!!

I so wish that Campbell would more money into health care; that and education. Living here is really starting to bug me (although lived here all my life) I am not one of the rich and mindless on NS.

Cheers and keep writing. You are very talented.

Suzanne in North Van
I work in both healthcare and education. In the education field my group of workers has not received a raise in 11 years and in healthcare we have just undergone a 15% wage rollback. You can imagine how popular this current government is with me. I'm happy that I'm still working and my services haven't been outsourced. Yet. But it's a little hard to be perky under these circumstances. To make it really pink and frilly, my husband is a student and my daughter is in daycare and I'm too "rich" to receive subsidies for either of them. I am not a violent person, however should any of the policy-makers be suddenly set alight, I would immediately lose the need to urinate, if you get my gist.
You and I are of like mind on this issue by the sounds of it. I can't remember the last time I had a raise either BUT the bosses all received huge retroactive ones a couple of years back b4 laying off many employees. My loaf of bread costs the same as my boss's. I cut my own hair, my kids, I walk home from work almost every day to save some money (yup all 6 miles or so)I do alot of knitting, but everytime I turn around my sons want money for something or other. He's going to get back in too I fear...why do we have such a huge surplus? Hello: Election coming up!

Hang in there.
Suzanne in North Van
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